It all started as science fiction, something along the lines of pod people. Then this small branch in science fiction grows to be a very popular idea. Then real scientists start believe that it would be possible to clone someone. Finally it happens this small idea of science fiction becomes real with thefirst clone, Dolly the sheep, but now people are thinking that this might not be such a good idea. Cloning has many great possibilities and shouldn’t be stopped because it may seem immoral. Do people even really understand what cloning is or do they believe that it is all just make a replica of yourself? Do people realize what benefits in medicine can come out of cloning? Finally do they realize what it could mean to the animal kingdom?
What is Cloning? A clone is, by definition, a person or thing regarded as identical with another (?Oxford Dictionary? 135 ). Cloning is the process in which replicates of one person or thing are made. Cloning can be considered to be something much more in the medicine world however. The definition of cloning in the medical world should be miracle to say the least. Giving doctors the ability to clone is like givinga football coach the plays to all his teams opponents, there is no way they can lose.
How is cloning such a good thing for the medical world and if it is such a good thing then why are some people trying to keep this technology locked away? Cloning is a miracle for medicine because with it the boundaries of medical research are destroyed and cures can be found. First you don’t have to clone whole human beings. Everybody thinks that if we start cloning that we are going to try and play God by create the perfect humans. Cloning for medicine would be completely different. If cloning were used in the medical field to its potential, It would befirst used to create donor organs. For example scientists are trying to create donor organs from genetically altered pig genes and ar

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