Cloning has been a very controversial subject all around the world for almost a little over 10 years.Many people either support this subject or oppose it strongly.There are many pro's and con's that go along with cloning.In my personal opinion I think that the United States should not allow human cloning.
A clone is the name for a group of organisms or other living matter with exactly the same genetic material.Clones can be made from DNA.Scientists use DNA cloning techniques to reproduce specific genes.Theyfirst isolate a DNA fragment containing a particular gene.Then they combine the DNA fragment with the plasmid DNA to form recombinant DNA.This plasmid DNA can reproduce very easily, which also helps the new recombinant DNA replicate easily.So, scientist can generate large quantities of the recombinant DNA and the particular gene of interest.Animals can also be cloned.This is done byfirst destroying the nucleus of an egg cell from the species to be cloned.A nucleus is then removed from a cell of an animal of the same species and injected into the egg cell.The egg, with its new neculeus, develops into an animal with the same genetic makeup as the donor.If a number of eggs receive transplants from the same donor, the offspring are considered clones of the donor animal (
The goals and purposes for researching cloning range from making copies of those that have deceased to bettering the offspring in humans.Cloning could also directly offer a means of curing diseases.Cloning could also provide an effective way for infertile people to reproduce.
In nature, and even in the lives of humans, clones are present.Cloning occurs with all plants, some insects, algae, and occasionally by all multi-cellular organisms including humans.Identical twins, are clones of each other.They have the same exact genetic information due to the division of an embryo earl…

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