Cloning In the movie Jurassic Park, we watched as man was able to recreate the existence of dinosaurs using blood and DNA preserved many years ago. This process of taking cells and using it to recreate a lifeform is called cloning. A few year ago man was blest with the discovery of cloning. But with that discovery came many questions. Cloning has been an ongoing topic of debate among the scientific and political community. The constant question ahs arisen of whether or not we can clone a human being. In recent years much evidence has arisen in the field of cloning. Through the analysis of the positive and negative effects of cloning, and a moral analysis, I will propose that cloning be heavily regulated and limited and that cloning in regards to humans be banned. Listing the history, analyzing the benefits and negative aspects, and showing government reaction, I will come to my conclusion. Cloning can be traced back all the way to 1952 when frogs were cloned from the cells were tadpoles. Although the tadpoles died after a few days, the effort to find the key to cloning continued. In 1970 mice embryos were cloned. Then in 1979 thefirst sheep embryo was cloned. In 1980 followed the cloning of cattle embryo. In 1993 George Washington University researchers clone human embryos. This sparked a great controversy as headlines across America battered the GW discovery with many numerous ethical violations. Upon the discovery of the human embryos, the New York Times headline read SCIENTIST CLONES HUMAN EMBRYOS, AND CREATES AN ETHICAL CHALLENGE. Thefirst ethical questions were finally raised as the thought of human cloning being possible. Now that human embryos were being cloned, why couldn't human clones start appearing? The technology for invitro-fertilization was already possible. It could have been completed. But the true desire was not embryonic cloning, but of adult cell cloning. An embryo always had the potential to grow into a ful…

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