What if I could clone myself and then clone my clone. So my clone would have to go to work for me and write this article. While my clone's clone is preparing dinner for me at home. When the newsfirst swept the world about the cloning of a sheep, a wave of science-fiction reading journalists assumed that we would be cloning David Beckham in order to create an unbeatable soccer team.

Pope John Paul II declared that every human has a “right to a unique human genome.” UNESCO has also declared that, “Practices which are contrary to human dignity, such as reproductive cloning of human beings, shall not be permitted".

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These comments beg a great deal of questions. Is cloning immoral? Is the case against human cloning as airtight as the statements indicate? Should cloning be banned for the public safety?

In the meantime, cloning is the hottest research going. It is currently focused on a process known as ‘somatic cell nuclear transfer.’ In this procedure, the nucleus of one cell is inserted into another cell whose nucleus has been removed. As amazing as this is, still more incredible is the potential for combining this nuclear transfer with recent breakthroughs involving adult cells. Prior to becoming mature, adult cells, cells are embryonic-retaining the potentiality of being any type of cell once there is the proper stimulus.

This is what the Roslin experiment indicated. In February 1997, Ian Wilmut and his colleagues at the Scottish animal research facility successfully cloned a sheep from an adult mammary cell.

They did this by removing the nucleus of an adult udder cell and then inserting it into a sheep egg cell whose nucleus had been removed. Once the cell began dividing, it was implanted into the uterus of another sheep where it underwent the normal gestational process and entered the world as a genetically-equivalent copy of its ‘mother.’

This newborn was called Dolly and initiated a worldwide debate that…

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