The biological definition of a clone is an organism that has the same genetic information as another organism or organisms.From this definition and from information about the science behind cloning, my current view on cloning is that it is ethical. This statement ignores information about how we can misuse cloning and what consequences occur when the procedure is unsuccessful.I currently do not think cloning should be used until it is perfected.I doubt however that we will allow cloning to be misused, and think most people would probably have this opinion on cloning, but their lack of knowledge on cloning, or their belief that cloning would be misused, is the reason for differences of opinion.Still, I think that an explanation on the history, techniques and reason for researching the technology of cloning is necessary.
To begin with, many people in this world do not know the history of cloning enough to know whether to believe in it or not.In the book Brave New World Aldous Huxley's emphasis is on cloning and the perfection of society.Huxley reveals some of the main sources of social stability. Through the use of science, people are not only created, but also conditioned to guarantee they will be happy members of society.The society is Brave New World consists of Alphas, Gammas, Deltas, Epsilons and Betas.The "high class" of the two are the Alphas and Betas.These people are preconceived in order to be born into a utopian society; the only ones that have no clone are the Alphas and Betas.As in the real world, in the book Huxley stresses the sex, drugs and chaos going on in his book.People many in the real world might have no clue what is going on now a days but cloning is coming abroad and surpassing anyone's expectations sooner than expected.Thefirst popularized clone was "Dolly" the sheep.Ian Wilmut at the Roslin Institute in Scotland was assigned to a project in 1986.His …

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