Cloning of Humans and Ethics
Cloning of humans has raised many opinions from different groups. One group of Christians, "The Second Coming Project", believe that human cloning is ethical. They also believe that Jesus needs to be cloned to bring about the second coming. Most Christians believe that cloning of humans is wrong and unethical. The group of Christians who call themselves "The Second Coming Project" believe that by using DNA from Holy Relics Jesus can be cloned and the second coming will occur. This DNA will be inserted into an embryo and placed in the womb of a virgin woman. Jesus will be born bringing about his second coming through a virgin birth.
Modern technology has brought about the possibilities of human cloning through DNA. These Christians strongly believe that prayers will have no results. They believe that action must be taken in order for the Second Coming to occur. Their argument for this is, "Didn't God give us brains to use as best as we can? Yes, the Second Coming will happen," because we will make it happen. According to them the statements such as "Jesus is in our hearts" is an excuse and is meaningless and evasive.
Scriptures have been gathered to prove the cloning of Jesus is the way that the Second Coming will take place. One of the scriptures that is being used by them is Matthew 5:30 "It is better for you to lose part of your body than to lose your whole body to go into hell." This scripture interpreted by this religious group is proof that the new found knowledge of cloning is to be used and was predicted in this passage of scripture. The Last Supper has also been used to prove that Jesus is to be cloned. When Jesus said, "Take and eat this is my body" and, "this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for the forgiveness of sins," They believe that Jesus was saying to keep his body preserved so he could one day …

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