The science technology and knowledge of science have gradually expand and tremendous improve over decades. Cloning research is one of many enormous breakthroughs in Science. The issue of cloning have always been controversial because there are always been an argument between religious belief and Scientist. Religious argument is that cloning is against God's intention. On the other hand cloning technology is a greatest benefit to humanity. It will give mankind the power to control one destiny and possibly the cure for cancer. Continuation of cloning living organism should legalize.
Cloning living organism to medical benefits is astounding. Therapeutic cloning of human embryonic stem cell will gives Doctor a potential to cure many rarest and deadly diseases such as cancer. The cloning technology is expected to assist Doctors and Scientists with medical breakthrough and treats patient who suffers from degenerative disease. Scientist will be able to clone organ and tissue for everyone who needs transplant such as heart transplant, liver transplant and kidney transplant. The cloning of organs will reduced the number of individuals who are on the waiting list for an organ transplant or patients cannot find a suitable organ or tissue from the donor. Combining today modern science technology and cloning technology Scientist will be able to produces a suitable organ for every individual that the need organ transplant. Patient will be given a miraculously miracle their second chance in life. Scientist will also be able to study new information on genes and chromosomes. It will lead to possibly new discovery even a cure for cancer. People will be able to have a healthier life and a long life span.
The beneficial of clone vegetable and animal to the economic. Cloning vegetables and animals will have a desired trait selective by the Breeder to ensure that the products will be at it best quality. Scientist will be able to detects any

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