Chicago scientist Richard Seed announced a plan to begin cloning human beings at his clinic in January of 1998. In November 1998, the National Bioethics Advisory Commission began conducting a thorough review of the issues associated with human stem cell research, in the United States.The stem cell is a unique and essential cell type found in all animals. In adult the organism stem cells are those that renew tissue, the most fundamental and extraordinary of the stem cells are found in the early stage of the embryo. Unlike the more differentiated adult stem cells or other cell types, embryonic stem (ES) cells, retain the special ability to develop into nearly any cell type. There are also embryonic germ (EG) cells, which originate from the primordial reproductive cells of a developing fetus and have properties similar to ES cells. Scientific reports of the successful isolation and culture of these specialized cells offer hope of new cures for debilitating and even fatal illness and at the same time have renewed an important national debate about the ethics of research involving
human embryos and fetal cadaver material. At the present moment, human stem cells can be derived only from human fetal tissue following elective abortion.
Human pluripotent (having the ability to become any tissue) stem cells are able to be isolated and cultured with the unlimited capacity to divide and the ability to turn into most of the cells or tissues in the body. However, the technique used to create clone had initiated the debate on the controversial issue. Reported efforts by a small biotechnology company to clone embryos in order to derive stem cells had lead to House passage of a measure that would criminalize both therapeutic
and reproductive cloning.
Nine bills on cloning have been introduced during thefirst session of the 107th Congress-seven in the House and two in the Senate. The bills contain similar definitions of cloning; they differ in …

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