Clinton’s Presidency

On December 19th of 1998, Congress passed two articles of impeachment against our then president, William Jefferson Clinton.These actions taken by the house were a result in Clinton having an inappropriate sexual relationship with his intern, Monica Lewinsky.This investigation spear-headed at Clinton was the work of prosecutor Kenneth Starr.Starr seemed poised to the task to bring Clinton down.Starr went as far as turning down a opportunity to obtain a prestigious occupation at Pepperdine law school in California.Starr did months of investigation and provided thousands of written documents.Starr also presented physical evidence, including gifts given to Lewinsky from Clinton.However the most condemning part of Starr;s case was recorded conversations held between Linda Tipp and Monica Lewinsky.Tripp worked with Lewinsky and cohersed her into talking about her intimate relationship with President Clinton (Fierro).
My main motivation for writing my paper on this topic was because an impeachment trial has only taken place twice in American history.Clinton;s impeachment case was one of these two cases.Also, this scandal and case set a standard for what is considered the private lie of our Leader and what is considered a situation that will effect our President;s power and actions.
In Jeffrey Toobin;s novel ;A Vast Conspiracy;.He discusses in great details the Clinton trials, mostly through the eyes of the media.He uses a timeline of the events that occurred around the time of the trial.Toobin says thefirst person to break the story of the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal was Matt Drudge, who operates the Drudge report.At that time the information only basically alleged that Clinton had a sexual relationship with an ;intern;.Clinton denied on several occasions having an affair with Ms. Lewinsky.Thefirst denial of the issue was during a videotaped deposition in the Pa…

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