Is William Jefferson Clinton the greatest president in our nation's history?Some will argue that his productivity in the oval office surpasses all other U.S. leaders.Others believe that sex acts and scandals will tarnish his image forever.Nevertheless Clinton has proven he is a worthy leader.With a 60% approval rating, his entire last term, Clinton has been able to accomplish what few presidents could ever do, unite the country and get things done (Kurtz110).
The life of William Jefferson Clinton, and the eight years he created and conquered.
Topics to be covered in this report include William Jefferson's early years, his college experience, sex scandals, impeachment trial, and Clinton's approval rating.
William Jefferson Blythe IV was born on August 19, 1946 in Hope Arkansas.His parents were Virginia Cassidy and William Jefferson Blythe III.Before William Jefferson was born, he was already at a disadvantage in life.His father died at the young age of 28 , in an auto accident.It was just three months before William's birth.This event may have been the key factor, which shaped the attitude of the man we call president (World Book).
"Clinton has recognized himself as an Adult Child of Alcoholics."His stepfather Roger Clinton (from which William got his last name) was an alcoholic and was abusive toward him and his mother (Levin102).
Roger Clinton's excessive abuse of alcohol, caused him to be unable to run the household.So at the age of 17, young William took over as man of the house.He may have also become "husband of the house to become flirtatious (near-sexual exhibitionists
mother (Levin 73)."Early on in life Clinton "learned that the love of women was not only
his due in life, but his salvation as well (Levin75)."


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