Clinton and The Bill

In 1993 William Clinton was fast at work trying to pull together legislation on National Service. National Service was a cornerstone of his campaign and he was determined to stick to his word and make it a priority. Clinton gathered a committee and tasked them to make National Service happen The Office of National Service headed by Eli Segal had a long road to travel.
As Clinton promised in his campaign, he wanted to provide the financial opportunity to attend college to a broad range of young Americans in exchange for National Service. Along with the National Service legislation Clinton wanted to include a pay-as-you-can loan program that would encourage graduates to enter lower paying jobs such as teachers and police officers, which are more fulfilling and give back to the community and nation. From there the Office of National Service was off to build the framework for the legislation. They began analyzing the current system, and surveying local programs and organizations to see what would work, and how exactly Clinton's campaign promise might actually become a viable piece of legislation that might make it through the congressional circus, not to mention the scrutiny of the private sector.
After months of constant finagling, changing, assessing, tweaking, overhauling, appeasing and reassessing of the National Service legislation, the Office of National Service was convinced that it was ready to put in the hands of the public and Congress. On April 30th the plan was unveiled. That was when the real legislative process began. The National Service proposal was out in the open for all to see and the Office of National Service had to win over enough support to get the legislation through Congress. Winning over a few senators doesn't sound like a large task, but when it comes down to it party lines run deep and so do the affiliations with financial supporters and other supportive institutions. In short, in order to win ov…

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