classical conditioning

The classic examples of classical conditioning are Pavlov’s dogs.In the 1890’s Pavlov, a Russian physiologist, was observing the production of saliva by dogs as they were fed when he noticed that saliva was also produced when the person who fed them appeared.This is not surprising. Every farmer for thousands of years has realized, of course, that animals become excited when they hear the sounds that indicate they are about to be fed.But Pavlov carefully observed and measured one small part of the process.He paired a tone, with feeding his dogs so that the tone occurred several times right before and during the feeding.Soon the dogs salivated to the tone, something like they did to the food.They had learned a new connection: tone with food.
How can we use this information?What are common, everyday examples of classical conditioning?TV advertisers pair their product with beautiful scenes or with attractive, sexy, successful women or important people in an effort to get you to like their products more. Studying may be unpleasant for me because it has been paired with frustration or me hating to do it.Much of what we like or dislike is a result of classical conditioning.
Now that I have kind of explained what Classical Conditioning is, and gave a few quick examples of it, I will now give you another example, and this time go more in depth.With each example of classical condition, you can break them down into five separate parts that bring you to a conclusion.These five parts include: the conditioned stimuli, the conditioned response, neutral stimuli, the unconditioned stimuli, and the unconditioned response.The example that im going to use and break it down is "After experiencing several pairings of lightning followed by loud thunder, a child begins to cover their ears when they see thunder".I will now attempted to break my example down into separate parts beginning with the conditioned stimuli, wh…

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