Classic liberals

The Classic Liberal tradition has two primary purposes: one to challenger the social order under feudalism and two, to provide a functioning alternative.Drawing from the works of Hobbes, Locke, and Mills I will discuss the key elements of the classic liberal tradition's argument against feudalism.I will discuss what unite these thinkers as a tradition.I will also discuss when a individual is obligated to obey legitimate political authority and when the individual retains the right to either disobey existing government or remain free of government control.I will show you also what distinguishes these thinkers from one another by using pieces of their work.
I would like to start by giving a definition of feudalism.Feudalism is a system of economic and social organization founded on a web of military obligations between kings and their servants who were called vassals.The Vassals would receive land to live on in return for military service.The Vassals usually had the rank of a knight.Under the Vassals were the serfs who were just common people who in return for land would work on farms and give the king produce and money in return.The king was only obligated to provide the peasants social welfare.These are the people who would be at the bottom if you created a pyramid. Landowners were obligated to make sure that all people on their land had food and shelter which meant that the people lived on the land and then ate the produce that came from the land.Feudalism is based on faith.When it comes to figuring out who will be the king there are three possible ways genetics which means if his father was the king then he too will be king just as in the Disney movie the Lion King.Mustafa was king and through genetics his son Simba would become king when he died.The second way to figure out who will be king is through God or something called divine right.Last but not least someone may become king thorough a …

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