Class Action Suits

These days when there is a Class Action Lawsuit it means there is a widespread common problem. They consist of large amounts of people of up to a million or statewide citizen counts that want to sue a company or individual. The whole idea is based on a normal lawsuit with the exception of multiple plaintiff's and settlements. Lawyers bringing class action lawsuits to companies are becoming more popular and definitely bringing about changes and out of court settlements. In the past few years, sex discrimination, product liability, price-fixing class actions have been on the rise and are making lawyers piles of cash and at the same time, the GOP is trying to make everything reasonable for the people.
Sex discrimination is a big problem in America and is the cause for spurring workers into getting lawyers into legal action. Cheryl L. Williams, who worked at Home Depot, is a perfect example of a worker taking legal action. She trained two young men in a particular department in Oakland, California. Her superiors gave her great performance reviews and then laid her off. Of course, these young men she was training were to take her job. Then, Jacqueline Genero went through the same ordeal that Cheryl did. She was voted thefirst female employee of the year by co-workers and her managers demanded a re-count! She won the recount, but was denied the traditional $500 prize money. Similar incidents occurred at Lucky grocery store food chains. Reba barber-Money, a Lucky's employee, filed a class action along with four other women. Bud Seligman, one of the attorneys for the women, informed, " Women are just as interested throughout the country in better paying jobs, and anyone who makes the assumption that they're not interested is asking for serious trouble." The CIA also had its own share of sexual discrimination. "Jane Doe" accused the CIA of Sexual Discrimination for denying her promotion after her long awai…

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