My Visit To The National Museum of Natural History
in Washington, D.C. and the on-line version
This past week I went downtown to Washington, DC to visit and tour the Museum of Natural History.The purpose of this visit was to learn more about our civilization.While at the museum I learned that they also offer an on-line tour as well.So I took advantage of both the on-site tour and the on-line tour.
What I learned during these tours is that the Sumerians, Egyptians, Persians, Israelites, Greeks, Romans, Celts played a part in the growth of our western civilization.The exhibit talks about the accomplishments made.
About twelve thousand years ago in western Asia, northern Africa and Europe, people shifted their way of life from hunting to farming, from camp to village and city. These changes led to the emergence of the state and the basic political form that governs our lives today.
Thefirst exhibit I saw was a group of hunter-gatherers inhabited in France’s Lascaux Cave, about 17,000 years ago, this illustrated or showed to individuals inside a cave painting a picture on the cave wall of an animal.I was also able to view this same exhibit on-line and was able to take a screen snap shot to include with my report, you;ll find this picture at the end of my report labeled Lascaux Cave.
I also learned that the life of big game hunters consisted of finding and killing big game animals.Meat, bone, sinew, and hide were basic raw materials on which these people depended on for survival. Reindeer and horses were primary game animals, but bones of other large deer or cattle, as well as cave bear, have also been found.The museum had an exhibit of many of the bones that have been found.
An illustration of a farming village where some societies in southwestern Africa began to adopt major changes in lifestyles.They domesticated animals, planted crops and settled in more permanent communities of

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