Civil Rights

Civil Rights
Political phrases are often confusing and overlap each other in meaning. Therefore, political terms often baffle the citizens when they appear in the newspapers or on the news reports. For example, can you distinguish the meaning of civil rights from civil liberties, human rights, and natural rights? Most people just lump these terms together under civil rights.
According to the Webster's New World Dictionary , civil rights are "the right to vote, exemption from involuntary servitude, and equal treatment of all people with respect to the enjoyment of life, liberty, property and to the protection of law." Civil rights are derived from laws and judicial decisions. They include "freedom of speech, of the press, and of religion" as stated in Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia. Civil rights guarantee that everyone will be treated under the law with the same consideration and respect. In other words, all citizens receive the same equality of opportunity, without social discrimination regardless ofrace, sex, religion, age, or disability.
The term civil liberty is a synonym for civil rights. Many people and some books don't distinguish the differences between these two terms. In order to clarify the term civil rights, it is important to identify the main difference between the two. Civil liberty guarantees an individual's freedom of action and is only limited by laws designed to protect the community, while civil rights give the connotation that the government guarantees equal treatment for all people under the laws. (This often implies the condition and treatment of minority groups.) An example of civil rights is that each citizen is given one vote in an election whether he or she is rich or poor. Civil liberty gives a person the freedom of speech, but it can be restrained if his or her speech might lead to the overthrow of the government.
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