At times in American History government has been seen as a danger to freedom from which individuals need protection or, conversely as a protector of citizen liberties. This portion of my paper will explore the position the government has adapted during different eras of American History.
Exposing corruption, expanding democracy, making reforms, improving working conditions and the way of life is what characterized the progressive movement. Citizens demanded a change in numerous areas such as business, labor, economy, consumer affairs and an increase of democracy. The Progressive Era was marked with the arrival of President Theodore Roosevelt who fought for the good of the common man.
During the Progressive era many large corporations had complete control of the services that they produced, Roosevelt broke up these monopolies. He was also a big supporter of labor he tried almost everything with in his powers to help the citizens of the United States. Roosevelt set up child protection laws, which were used to prevent children from working in factories. Child protection laws also reduced the amount of time children were allowed to work.
Roosevelt set up workers compensation. He tried his best to help consumers, by proposing to congress the Pure Food and Drug Act. This act was used to protect citizens from unsafe medicines and food by demanding; that all food must be inspected, and the use of addictive drugs in prescription medicine be prohibited. During the Progressive Movement the government played a role of protector of the people, by fighting for equality in the labor force. Man, woman, and child benefited from the Progressive Movement. Big businesses were regulated and the civil liberties were protected with the help of government regulations. The Progressive Movement was the start of a new American government that paid more attentions to the citizens of the U.S.
The New Deal was the name given to President Franklin D. Roosev…

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