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TO: Carol Montgomery, Dean of Librarian
FROM: jinsoo Kim, Undergraduate Student
RE: A proposal to purchase Business 2.0 for W.W. Hagerty Library
I propose that the W.W. Hagerty Library should purchase the issues of the Business 2.0. For students who are enrolled in the Bennett S. Lebow College of Business, the library does not offer many information and resource for students to use and help. By offering these new magazines, the library will to attract more students in business area. Also by attracting other colleges to the library and increasing other concentrations such as engineering and computer information system, this would cause the university to be more flexible for information and resource to the library. Therefore, you should agree with my request in the idea of purchasing this magazine.
Now there are more than 1,000 students who are studying bachelor, master, and PhD in business related majors. With these majors, the students need to get new information and resource every single day or month because these days new technology is moved or innovated very quickly. By purchasing this magazine, you could help the students a lot for their study and knowledge. As I understand it the library had been ordered many issue of magazines, journals, and textbooks, but now most students dissatisfied with how the library choose it. The Business 2.0 magazine about business, technology, and innovation, is published out of the FORTUNE Group at Time Inc. Especially it divides five categories, which are In Front; new nuggets, quick profiles, and free advice, What Works; a closer look at the tactics today's successful companies are using to get ahead, Features; in-depth articles on the companies, personalities, and strategies that are driving innovation, Cheat sheet; a handy fold-out on everything from outsourcing to selling tech to the feds, and Bonus; career and investment advice, the best busin

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