City Council Meeting

After searching deperatly to find a City Hall that has it's meetings on a day that I can actually go to, because the previous meetings conflicted with my classes.I tried the City Hall in Bellflower, and the meetings were on Monday nights, which conflicted with one of my English classes.Then finally I arrived at the City Hall in Lakewood when it was open; it had been closed each other time I came. I came last week in advance to find out when the next meeting was going to be.She told me that it was on the next Tuesday at 7:30 in the evening.She wasn't sure so she told me to come back and double check with another representative (because she was the only person in the building or go online and check their web site at checking back I found that the City Council holds regular meetings on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 7:30 in the evening.The next meeting was December 10, 2002.So I marked it on my calendar and waited patiently until that day came.
Finally, it is 6:00pm when I arrive at the building.To my dismay, the doors were locked, the lights were off, the janitors were cleaning, and there was no one else in sight.In a panic I wonder around the building fearing that somehow, with my luck, I missed the date or time.After arguing with myself for I get back in my car and wonder the block to clear my mind, then I head back.Everything was just the way I left it.I get out of the car, which was hard to do because the heater was on, I was in a T-shirt, and it was freezing outside.Finally I decide to ask one of the janitors if there was supposed to be a meeting tonight.So I run to the glass double doors and wait for one of them to come out of a room, any room.In the distance I see a woman walking toward me.She looks like she word there, so I wait for her to reach the doors.She gets to the glass double doors and just stares at me like I didn't belong the…

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