United States Citizenship

To many people a good U.S. citizen should be one who obeys all the laws established. To some, a patriotic person could be a good citizen. Of course not all people think the same thing. Everyone has the potential to be a decent U.S. citizen. All people could be an awesome citizen of the United States.
In my personal opinion there is no such thing as a good U.S. citizen. I think that everybody living in the States has the potential to be a good citizen. Everybody breaks a law at some point in there life. Whether it be a small offense such as, going five miles over the speed limit or something to the extreme such as arson. This does not affect whether or not you are a good citizen, this just determines whether or not you are a good person.
A veteran of the Korean War would be a prime example of being patriotic. Not only were they willing to fight for freedom but willing to put their lives in danger for their country. This does not mean they are the best candidate for citizen of the year. It means they are brave and willing to put their life on the line for the sake of other people. This person may have no knowledge of the history of the country they are fighting for. But who is to say they are bad citizens.
Charles Manson could be another prime example. He killed a number of people over a matter of years while at the same time gaining followers who in turn did the exact same thing he had previously done. Does that make him a bad citizen? It definitely makes him an extremely bad person but not necessarily a bad citizen. This does not justify the morbid things he had done it simply states that he may not be a bad citizen. Charles Manson could have been the biggest history buff of anyone, yet again who can say he is a bad citizen.
For the last example I will use myself. I am a patriotic person, not necessarily as much as some other people but I am none the less. Yet I have gone a couple miles over the sp…

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