Bruno Bettelheim, the author of "Cinderella", is a psychologist who believes that the story of "Cinderella" has various psychological effects in the development of a child's mind.According to Bettelheim, the story of "Cinderella" has been quite an old story: since ninth century. Bettelheim discusses about the sibling rivalry, oedipus complex, and toilet training that affects a child's mind to determine his position in the family. There are many other fairy tales like "Cinderella" that children read during their childhood. Every fairy tale has a psychological effect on the development of a child's mind.
Bettelheim points to the fact that the story of "Cinderella" has an eastern origin. He also compares "Cinderella" with some German stories in which an ash-boy, like Cinderella, becomes a king at the end. Bettelheim mentions Brothers Grimm's version, "Aschenputtel" in which Cinderella was sitting among the ashes. He believes that living among the ashes was the symbol of degradation and being debased. It also symbolizes death. Bettelheim says that the story expresses the inner feelings of a child who is suffering from sibling rivalry.
Cinderella is shown as a very beautiful, nice, and innocent girl who is being treated very badly by her stepsisters. Even though Cinderella does all the dirtiest work, and obeys the commands of her stepsisters and stepmother, she does not receive any kind of appreciation for whatever she does. But a wealthy prince at the end rescues her from this situation. When a child is reading or hearing this story, he compares himself with Cinderella, and the evil behavior of the stepmother and stepsisters of Cinderella, and thinks that he is lucky because he is not suffering like she did. And he knows that he is not treated, as badly as Cinderella, and at the end he would also be rescued like Cinderella.
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