Cincinnati Zoo: CREW

CREW: Center For Research Of Endangered Wildlife
In 1981, The Carl H. Lindner, Jr. Family Center For Research Of Endangered Wildlife was established. Its operations are devoted specifically to the study and conservation of endangered flora and fauna. The facility has laboratories for plant cloning, animal in vitro fertilization, and embryo transfer; a medical suite for animal medical procedures; a greenhouse; tissue culture facilities; cryopreservation lab; and permanent public exhibit. Its contributions to the biological and ecological fields have been extensive and it has gained national praise for the work it does. Among the many amazing achievements are "worldfirst” breakthroughs in the application of assisted reproduction. The Plant Conservation Division is currently working on developing a method to reproduce endangered horticultural species by using samples of tissue to clone plants. Another important thing is that scientists in all of the divisions travel internationally on a regular basis for research purposes and to bring back knowledge to train other people in their field. The Frozen Zoo And Garden is truly a great innovation. They cryopreserve thousands of tissue samples from animals and plants in liquid nitrogen and store them for future preservation use. The connection to the preservation of species is that scientists will use those tissues and will try to bring to life individual plants or animals using cloning techniques for plants, and employing assisted reproduction technology for animals. This has the potential to help us maintain a high level of genetic diversity among endangered populations. The Frozen Zoo And Garden preserves the chance for a species’ future. Without this unique organization, there would be less of a hope for conservation of endangered species, which play an important role in the biodiversity of our planet.

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