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Sadeh, A., Raviv, A., Gruber, R. (2000) Sleep Patterns and Sleep Disruptions in School-Age Children. Developmental Psychology, 36, 291-301.
Sleep patterns and sleep disruptions among school-age children is becoming more and more of a problem in today's society.This study assessed the sleep patterns, sleep disruptions, and sleepiness of school-age children.Scores on objective sleep measures were associated with subjective reports of sleepiness.Family stress, parental age, and parental education are related to a child's sleep-wake measures.
The goals of this study were the age differences in sleep schedule and sleep quality, sleep disruptions in children as assessed by objective measures and precise definitions, subjective sleepiness and its relationship with objective measures of sleep, and the relationships between objective sleep measures and psychosocial measures.According to the study, age makes a huge difference in the sleep-wake schedule.Kids that were older had delayed sleep onset times, shorter sleep periods, and shorter true sleep times than younger children.By surprise, girls obtained longer true sleep times, and their sleep was characterized by greater percentages of motionless sleep.
Sleep in children is sensitive to cultural and psychosocial influences.Older children and children of older parents went to sleep later and slept less than did younger children or children of younger parents.This study used objective measures to examine the sleep-wake patterns of school-age children in their natural sleep environments.
The new set of findings includes clear indications that although sleep schedule and sleep quantity vary with age, sleep quality remains remarkably stable within this age group.The final analysis of this study concluded that the sleep schedule is best predicted by the child's age and, in addition, by the parents' age.Now that we know this information, let's think…

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