Cigarette advertising

What are cigarette advertisements really selling you?
When we look at cigarette advertising in today's society we see that it portrays smoking as a non-harmful addiction. If you spend some time looking through a magazine, I guarantee that you will stumble upon at least seven different cigarette ads from such popular companies as Camel to Marlboro. Each ad gives you a different perspective at each brands ideal image of cigarette smoking.
Of course we all remember Joe Camel, the retired mascot for Camel cigarettes. Joe would be shown in many different ads all pimped out in his pink Cadillac with a sweet looking female camel in the passenger seat and he would always be smoking a cigarette. Since Joe was a cartoon and he showcased a badass image he was banned from Camel advertising for his appeal to young children. Since the loss of this cartoon pin-up the Camel Company has had to come up with some other ways to persuade you to buy their cigarettes. While I was flipping through an issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine looking for all the slamming ladies and also the article on how to keep my hair from frizzing up, I came across an ad for Camel cigarettes. Whatfirst caught my attention was the attractive woman in a fancy silver dress. She was standing on a stage and looked to be passionately singing into a microphone holding a cigarette in her hand, and they headlined the ad with the phrase "Camel a pleasure to burn". When I saw all this, the sheer stupidity of this advertisement made me laugh. How could they show this women singing and smoking at the same time? Have you ever heard the coughing and wheezing of a smoker? No offense to anybody that smokes, but I doubt this woman could hold a note for more than fifteen seconds after smoking for a couple of years. What causes a person to buy Cigarettes such as Camel? Is it the pleasure they get after soothing their addiction with a nice smoke? Or is it the images that cigarette …

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