Chromomorphic Fabric

Technical Section
In today's image-conscious society, people are constantly looking for ways to distinguish themselves from the masses. Perhaps the most common way to achieve this desire is through the apparel one chooses to wear. The most noticeable aspects of apparel are style and color. While there are new styles appearing all the time, colors have virtually remained unchanged.Traditionally, the industry has worked to create fabrics which maintain their color regardless of environmental influences. (eg. Apparel that does not fade in the wash). Given society's individualistic, image conscious nature, ColorTek believes that there is a large, exciting, untapped market for apparel that changes color on demand. It is our goal to provide the textile and apparel industry with a series of new “chromomorphic” materials that can quickly change their color, hue, depth of shade, or optical transparency by the application of a user controlled outside influencing factor.
ColorTek's research and development team will work to develop a chromomorphic film technology (CMF technology) which may be applied to fabrics and other materials. CMF technology can be incorporated into virtually all apparel, ranging from shoes, to accessories to clothing. It is imperative that the products using CMF technology maintain their physical properties such as texture, durability, weight, flexibility and fit. CMF technology must be resistant to water, atmosphere, extreme temperatures, pressures and stresses. The CMF technology must be impervious to color changes brought about by external, non-user-controlled stimuli (The electrical field generated by an airport security gate will not affect your apparel). Customers should not be able to detect any differences between their "regular" apparel and apparel featuring CMF technology except for the fact that they can change its color.
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