Chinese vs. Russian Communism: Which was more Marxist

While Soviet and Chinese communism were both rooted in the ideas of Marxism, neither one of them was an accurate representation of true Marxism. In comparing the two different systems, we see that there are many differences between the Soviet idea of communism and the Chinese idea of communism. Thefirst difference between these two systems has to do with the Land distribution. In the Soviet system, land was organized by collectivization. Stalin replaced the old system on private peasant farming with "collective farms" (kolkhozy) and "state farms" (sovkhozy), where peasants would work for the greater good of the proletariat under strict party supervision. In China on the other had, they had a social obligation where there was a goal set by the government, and any surplus product that the farmers made, they were allowed to use as they wanted. This system gives farmers incentive to produce more than the set goal for their own personal gain. Another difference has to do with the urban workers. In Russia there was forced urbanization when Stalin made people move to the cities. In China on the other hand, Mao's support was rural based, and people were kept out of the cities. Societal evolution is the next ground on which we see a main difference. In Russia there was Industrial organization and economic determinism, which means that the economic base determines everything. In China however, societal evolution was politically driven because the Communist leaders thought that they had say in development. The elite class was different in these two countries as well. In the Soviet Union, there was a flourishing of the elite. During this time Russia was churning out scientists, mathematicians, playwrights, etc., whereas in China the Cultural Revolution destroyed the elite. Mao's enemies were the intellectuals, and it was these people that were killed during the Great Leap Forward, in which 30 million Chinese died. T…

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