Chinese supermarket in UK

Retailing is the activity of selling goods and services to final consumer for their own personal use. All about the distribution of goods and service because retailers play a key role in the journey that products make from manufacture, grower or service-provider to the person who consumes. Retailing is also one of the key elements of marketing strategy; it facilitates the targeting process, make sure that a product reaches particular groups of consumes. It is important in a marketing strategy because it is concerned with matching the arena in which a product is purchased to the benefits and characteristics of the product itself and its price. (Varley and Rafiq, 2004)
In this report, an operational business plan for a new Chinese grocery store, this store is going to open in the town center of Loughborough.
Of all the world’s cuisine, Chinese food has proved to be the most popular. It combines a range of contrasting flavors, textures, aromatic aromas and colours in a vast range of delicious dishes. The classic flavors are achieved by using soya sauce, spring onions, garlic, oyster sauce, sesame oil and five spice powders. These ingredients and a few thousand more in-store help to produce all the Far Eastern dishes from China to Taiwan, Malaysia to Thailand, Philippines to Vietnam and Indonesia to Japan.
As more and more Chinese and Far East student study in Loughborough University and College, they want to cook Chinese or Far Eastern food in home. But there has some limitations let people buy Chinese food and flavoring difficult. Although there were two Chinese grocery stores in Loughborough already, one is in post office and the other is far from the town; but owing to these stores too small and the goods were limited, people can not buy the goods as what they want. According retail location theory-central place theory (Clarkson, Clarke-Hill & Robinson), the new Chinese grocery store can set up in Loughborough town center.

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