China’s Only Child

As the twenty- first century has arrived upon the world, China;s overpopulation continues to be of great environmental concern. As this overpopulation persists, it results in low natural resources per capita, and an unstable economic foundation. During the 1970;s, the Chinese government realized they needed to make policies to combat the growing numbers of Chinese citizens. In 1979 the Family Planning Commission of China implemented the ;One-Child Policy; as a solution. This policy stated that parents in urban settings are limited to having only one child. The government then enforces this regulation by penalizing families that have more children. This course of action had come under heavy criticism because these policies go against certain religious beliefs and the Chinese tradition of raising large families. Despite the fact that some people feel the policy breaks tradition and is too restrictive on individual freedoms, China;s ;One-Child Policy; has been very successful and !
is essential in preventing overpopulation.
Unsustainable population growth is perhaps the most serious environmental concern facing the planet today. With the current largest populace in the world, China is the one country that has been prepared to tackle the problem seriously. China;s future generations could possibly suffer major food shortages if no governmental actions were taken. Furthermore, China would also face problems such as unemployment, lower levels of education, and the spread of pollution in the air and water caused by increased urbanization. Inadequate heath care is also a serious issue associated with urbanization, but is provided free from the government to those families that comply with the policy. Under the plan, all pregnancies must be authorized through ;family planners; in order to maintain birth quotas and population goals. Once these population goals and birth rates are achieved, t…

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