China is a huge nation.China is a world wide trading port.China is the nation I picked to tell you about.There are a lot of geographic features in china.China has the Great Wall of China. The great wall was used to stop outside invaders.The wall protected the cities from being destroyed (Loescher 98).There are mostly mountains.The mountains are in the west and southwest.From that they’re high plateaus.There is the Huang He valley.Or the “river of sorrows.”There are deserts in west and there are plains, deltas, and hills in east.China is slightly smaller than the US.China is the world’s fourth-largest country (after Russia, Canada, and US).Their culture is a lot of difference from ours.In their culture they can practice Taoism, Buddhism, Muslim, and Christian.The people of china practice each of those religions.China had been imperialized by the European nations.They had to trade with them.
The government now in china is a republic.Some say it is a communism state.China in the old days was a dynasty.In a rebellion that allowed the people to overthrow their government they had a choice.They had to pick from constitutional monarchy or a republic.The picked a republic.The dynasty that was overthrown was the Qing.The Qing dynasty was a long lasting family (Spencer 108).
Throughout history, changes have often had political, economy, and social effects.China had two changes that have impacted she are opium war and westernization.The opium war was about the importing of a drug.Westernization is when china was modernized like the European nations.
The political change in china over opium is the banning of opium.There is a balance of trade, which you import as much as export.Then there is a trade deficit which china was exporting a lot more than importing.Britain used opium as tea in their country.The British took the opium from India and sold it to the Chinese.

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