China and the Global Economy

Recently, the so-called "global economy" has been incredibly successful, being strongly supported by most recent presidents, Bill Clinton, and now George Bush.This economy has, overall, been a great impetus for the world as a whole.Not only does it bolster the economies of struggling nations by allowing them to trade with an economic powerhouse like the United States, but also it allows for more competition in the global marketplace, driving down costs to the consumer, and increasing quality.China, however, is one nation whose potential entrance into this global economy is under heavy opposition and scrutiny.While our executive branch strongly advocates their entrance, claiming that China would be a great addition, many oppose this notion, citing all of the moral and ethical issues at hand as evidence against the nation of China.So the question remains, as to whether or not China should be allowed to join the world economy.I will discuss the pros and cons of this very heated issue.
First, we should address exactly why China is such a questionable nation as far as economy is concerned.One important issue is their incredibly poor working conditions, and treatment of employees.In America, we have many laws protecting employees, including minimum wage, health and safety laws, social security, and workers compensation.China, however, has no such policies.Their workers get paid a pittance while being subjected to harsh working environments in so called "sweat factories", where they are crammed together in a building with no air conditioning or other such luxuries.Many health and safety issues also arise, as China does not regulate things like emissions, or levels of certain chemicals or gasses that may be deemed harmful.While America poses strict regulations on its businesses regarding waste and hazards, China has no such regulations, potentially putting the lives of millions of workers in dange…

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