Mother and baby chimpanzees get into fights and then minutes later they hug and make up.Chimps do not perfer to walk, but perfer to climb.Their order is primates.Their genus in Pan.Their family is Pongidae.Also, their species is troglodytes.Their body length is 28-38 inches (female) and 30-36 inches (male).The average weight is 99-176 lbs.They mostly eat fruit, leaves, buds, blossoms, bark, resin, honey, termites, ans ants.Occasionally they eats other smaller mammals.
Chimps live in troops that number between 25 and 80 chimps.Each troop has a dominate male.The troops home rangs varies in size from 7-8 square miles in open country.Chimps sleep at night in a nest.They mainly stay in trees during the wet season.They sleep on the ground when it is dry.
Breeding takes place year round.Chimps have 2 intense feeding periods each day.It was recently discovered that the chimpanzee eats meat.It is also known to hunt, kill and feed on a variety of mammals, including other primates. Such as the Colobus monkeys, the Blue monkeys, and babboons.The killing is almost always done by one adult male.Chimps suffer from many human diseases including malaria.Chimps are the only animal that resembles man closely.

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