Chimpanzees In The Wild

Ever since she was a little girl in England, animals in Africa fascinated Jane Goodall.When she was eight years old, Jane read Tarzan and Doctor Doolittle.This furthered her love of animals even more and brought on the dream of one day studying in Africa.When her dream finally came true, Jane expected the expedition to last only three years – thirty years later she is still in Gambi, Africa with no intention of leaving.
July 14th, 1960 marks thefirst day Jane Goodall embarked on her journey.It had been a long, hard process to just get permission to go, as local authorities shunned upon the idea that a white woman would be living amongst wild animals all alone.Jane began thefirst day she got there; this was going to be her life, her passion.
Once everything was set up in camp, Jane went into the jungle for thefirst time.Over the next couple of weeks she tried to gain the chimpanzees trust, but they fled at the mere sight of her.This made Jane impatient, but she knew from the start that it would be a long, hard process; this set back just made her determination even stronger; she never considered quitting an option.To gain their trust, Jane sat atop a peak and watched the chimpanzees everyday where they could see her.This allowed for Jane to view the chimpanzees in their natural environment and also allowed for the chimpanzees to become comfortable with Jane's presence.
Jane observed that chimpanzees resembled humans in ways never seen before.Chimpanzees talk to each other, create and use tools, and also eat meat – they have a savage side to them, just like us.They are romantic with one another and walk in groups while in search of food.Chimpanzees are noisy and excitable, but become calm and gentle within minutes.They eat fruit, flowers, blossoms, and seeds for approximately seven hours a day.The mother is the primary caretaker of the baby – the fa

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