The chimpanzee is one of the most fascinating mammals in the animal kingdom, from many different aspects, but the main reason is the likeness to humans and human behavior.In the chimpanzee society they, like us form, very strong and committed family bonds with one another, and those bonds will last until death.Much of the information known on chimps today came from Dr. Jane Goodall, when she was in the jungle refuge of Gombe, Tanzania in Africa.
In the daily search for food, chimpanzees will travel two to six miles in a day, and spend almost 7 hours eating.They survive on a largely vegetarian diet of such things as is fruit leaves blossoms seeds and stems and after eating they will groom one another.Aside from eating mostly plants, chimps will also feed on meat.Chimps will mostly hunt in groups to stalk their prey, which mainly consists of young antelope, bush pigs, monkeys, and baby baboons.For the most part the chimps will not eat anything that is dead or has been killed they mainly will eat only animals which they themselves have killed.Close to where they are feeding when dusks falls is where the chimps will sleep.Making nests 30-40 feet up in the trees after finding a suitable spot in the tree, the chimp will take only 5 minutes to bend branches and leave to make a comfortable padded bed for the night.
A delicacy to chimps is the termite the problem is termites live in huge mounds above ground with tunnels running underground making it hard for chimps to get to them.The chimps have however created tools in order to get termites from their holes.By taking a piece of grass or stick and putting it in a hole it causes the termites to grab a hold thinking the stick is an attacker.When the time is right the chimp will remove the stick from the hole with termites attached and ready to be eaten. Even when the stick has been broken or just showing signs of wear, the chimp will break it off and make it new agai

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