Chilhood Disorders


1. Mood Disorders – Major depression, manic depressive disorder (called bipolar disorder) and mania are disorders which cause change in child's mood.Depression is caused by a number of factors from chemical imbalances to environmental influences to genetics.It is often mistaken for the blues and goes untreated.Major depression causes people to feel hopeless, exhausted and useless.It can cause problems with sleep, appetite, self-esteem, daily activities and physical health.

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2. Anxiety Disorders -Fears that don't go away with time.Comes in many forms and may be experienced differently in each person.The person usually feels constant terror, dread or worry beyond one's normal reactions to danger.Anxiety occurs when a child is overly anxious, experiences separation anxiety, or avoids certain situations, peoples or places.

3. Attention-Deficit Disorder – (ADD) affects a child's ability to concentrate, learn and maintain a normal level of activity.Excessive activity impatience, constant distraction, shifting form one activity to another and restless sleeping are common to (ADD)

4. Autism – This is the most disabling of pervasive development disorders,a series of disorders that affect intellectual skills; responses to senses; and the ability to communicate. Autistic children fail to develop normal relationships with anyone, including parents.Autistic children havedifficulty communicating because they don't develop language skills.

5. Enuresis – This is repeated urination during the day or night into bed
Or clothes.

6. Encopresis – The inability to control bowel movements resulting in defecation in clothing, bed or on the floor.Encopresis more commonly affects boy than girls.

7. Oppositional Behavior – Is the loosing of one's temper, arguing with parents or teachers, refusing to follow rules, being mean o…

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