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Exercise and proper nutrition are the key to having a health child.Nutrition and exercise are important because it keeps people’s bodies – and minds ; healthy.Without both of these factors, we wouldn’t be feeling or looking very good.Actually, there are so many reasons why exercise and good nutrition are good for people at every age, and it’s a good time to teach children to develop healthy habits and see why it’s cool to be fit!
Exercise makes your heart happy and your heart is one hardworking part, pumping blood every day of your life.The heart is a muscle, and it’s the strongest muscle in your body – but it’s always looking to become even stronger!Since it can’t lift weights to get stronger, it relies on you to do aerobic exercise.Aerobic is a fancy word for needing oxygen, and aerobic exercise is any kind of activity that makes your muscles use oxygen.Aerobic exercise is repetitive; meaning it’s an activity you do over and over, to keep bringing fresh oxygen to all of your muscles.When you do aerobic exercise and bring in that oxygen, your heart becomes stronger and even a tiny bit bigger.The number of blood cells in your blood increases, so the blood can carry even more oxygen.The blood in your body even moves more easily through the blood vessels.All these things mean that your body works more efficiently to keep you healthy and you can do lots of exercise without getting worn out.It’s a good idea for kids to do some kind of aerobic exercise two or three times a week, for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.It’s not hard to do – some excellent aerobic activities are swimming, basketball, ice or roller hockey, jogging (or walking quickly), inline skating, soccer, cross-country skiing, biking, and rowing.Even dancing, skipping, jumping rope, and playing hopscotch are aerobic activities.Exercise makes muscles and all the muscles in your body do a fine job when you use them for easy stuff, like picking up…

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