Selection of five children’s books will be made in the paper. To discussor
treat the issue about death and dying the paper will include books fromthe
period of 1980 till the presenttimes.Summaryoftheinformationfrom
these five books will be provided in the paper, focusingonthefollowing
1. What understandingorimpressionwouldchildrenhaveoftheissue
discussed after reading or having the books read to them’
2. Do the books treat the subject in the same way’ Ifnot,commentonor
compare viewpoints amongst the books.’
3. Perhaps you feel some books are better at dealingwiththeissuethan
others. If the book is fiction, comment on your reactions to howthestory
treats the issue. If the book is nonfiction, how factualandobjectiveis
The books will be discussed both in individual and collectiveformsoas
to provide a true and fair view of the information whicharepresentedin
these books. The consideration and importance of these books will relateto
the pointastohowtheauthorsofthesebookshavefosterbetter
understanding for children regarding the issue of death and dying.
The five books, which are selected for the development of the paper, areas
1) Sad Isn’t Bad: A Good-Grief Guidebook for Kids Dealing With Loss
by Authors: Michaelene Mundy , R. W. Alley
by Authors: Maria Shriver , Sandra Speidel
Cynthia MacGregor, David Clark (Illustrator)
Mass Market Paperback, April 1998
“Young children may ask very direct questionsaboutdeath,ifgiventhe
responses. If they ask a question that you do not know the answer to, itis
acceptable for you to say so, rather than make up an answer. Childrenata
very young age can detect falseness in ananswer….

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