Children in the Military

The old idea that a bigger army will defeat a smaller one just because of size is still prevalent in today's Democratic Republic of Congo military.I can see where these countries need the people because they lack the technology, but why do they have to start recruiting children?The Democratic Republic of Congo is recruiting children in their army for the sole purpose of numbers against numbers.No real skill is involved with the children recruiting, except that fact that they make good shields.Why do these countries need children in there armies?
The Democratic Republic of Congo has bumped up there recruiting rate of children to an all time high because of the need of bodies in the current civil war.The article says, “Many battles are fought, and won, on the basis of simple numerical supremacy, and so the more children that a militia can recruit, the better it considers its chances of military victory."(Guardian)This idea of numbers in the army is how the armies win their battles.The Democratic Republic of Congo simply recruits children into their army because "Children comprise more than half Congo's population"(Guardian).The fact that young children as young eight years old are being drafted into this military is outrageous,but the real shocker is what these children go through during their time in this military.
Children in the army of the Democratic Republic of Congo go through horrific times and tribulations during their stay in the army.Many of these children aren't just recruited, but also abducted and forced to serve in the army.There are countless reports of children being deceived by soldiers and abducted into their army.Once in this army though, their tribulations have just begun.There are many accounts of soldiers beating the children, using them as sex slaves, and inappropriate entertainment.The Democratic Republic of Congo army prefers having children in their…

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