Childhood Obesity

A young boy stares out of his living room window at the kids on the playground.Knowing that this daily "playing" has become exercise for him, he turns back to his television.Children like this boy have become common in our society today.Television and video games are becoming daily activities for them, unlike earlier generations, because earlier generation children weren't entranced by the new technology of video games and television.Young children should be involved in more physical activities and also establish better eating habits.They are usually brought up to be overweight, become overweight through bad habits, and are overweight because of an eating disorder or disease.Therefore, parents and family have a big effect on childhood habits and them, plus older siblings, must serve as a source of good inspiration for eating habits.
Initially, obesity in children has doubled in the last two to three decades, mostly because of the highly marketed video games, high tech television, and unhealthy food (Torgan).Accordingly, obesity is a medical condition characterized by storage of excess body fat.Obese children are at a higher risk to develop diseases usually found only in adults, and initially they tend to become obese unwillingly.Then, again, there are also children who choose not to participate in physical activities, good eating habits, or the "right" lifestyle decisions.For example, childhood obesity began to grow with the better development of television, video games, and computers in the late 1980s to the present; now obesity is at its worst.Studies show that roughly 30% of teenagers in the United States are overweight, a factor which will only worsen in the growing years, depending on further decisions made by teenagers and their families (Torgan).
Moreover, concerned parents have an easy way to see if their child is obese by measuring their Body Mass Index (BMI).BMI takes the…

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