Child Psychology and fathers

Fathers play a bigger role in their children’s lives then most people think they do.There are many things a mother can do that a father can’t do but that doesn’t exactly mean that the fathers role isn’t just as important.There are many different ways a father can make up for the things he can’t do and there are some special things that a father brings to the development of a child.Fathers are just as capable to meet their children’s needs as a mother is.They are able to meet their emotional and nurturance needs just like a mother can.The father’s role even when it is not primary has been vastly underestimated in the past years.
Over the years a father’s contribution has increased by a great amount when it comes to the upbringing of their children.During the past years they have been reexamined in many different ways to see how their presence affects the outcome of their children.Fathers bring a big contribution to the upbringing of their children emotionally and physically.They were said to have a very big impact on the well being of their children also.Scientists say that the father plays an active and unique role in his child’s development.
Information from many different fields of study said that research on fathers care examines the role of the fathers from physical aspects and also controls the psychological maintenance of children and the relationships that develop between them throughout their lives (National Care on Fathers And Families).
There are many different aspects of a child’s life that are affected by the impact of a father.There are significant differences favoring a child’s grades in school and their academic achievement from the father being present in their lives.Also a father’s absence in their child’s life has had a much greater affect on boys and a girl who’s I.Q. was above 100.Not that the child would do better in school if they lived with a father alone, but the studies sh…

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