Child Protective Services

During the course of this writers lifetime, there have
been many discussions about Child Protective Services,
otherwise knows as SRS. This writer has read many articles
regarding their services and what they are suppose to offer
children, protecting them from abuse and neglect. Not only
do they step in and removed children from abusive and
neglectful situations, SRS also takes into their care,
children who are deemed delinquent. Unfortunately for this
writer, I have seen SRS at work and have seen the damage
that they have caused to otherwise good families. I have
seen them totally ignore a desperate plea for help from
Juvenile Jeremy, was always a difficult child. He refused to conform or
follow any rules that were setforth by his mother. He was in constant fist
fights at school, when he attended. By the time that Jeremy was thirteen,
he wasdrinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. He was sneaking out of
bedroomwindow and gone for the night. A very large boy, he was
physically threatening to his mother and his two sisters and brother.
Jeremy's mother had beentold by his school psychologist, that Jeremy
counseling and other communityservices such as PRIME, which helps
By the time that Jeremy had turned fourteen, his mother knew he was
out of her control. In the beginning of 1999, Jeremy had invited a friend
overto his house to smoke pot and drink alcohol. After they had smoked
marijuan, Jeremy engaged in a wrestling match with this other boy. The
wrestling turned into much more and Jeremy kicked him repeatedly about
the head and body knocking him to the floor, where he pummeled the boy
with both fists. A puddle of blood was left on the carpet where Jeremy's
mother found it when shereturned home a short time later.
Jeremy's mother, Michelle, returned home after being gone for just
undertwo hours, only to learn that…

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