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This paper is a brief analysis of the effects of communication with parents and peers on childhood development.I chose this topic because as we touched on it in our class text and lecture, I found it particularly fascinating.The text discusses a life span theory of self evolution, but does not spend much time delving into specific issues surrounding socialization.One important lesson learned in researching the aforementioned issues was the text did not get more particular because the information is so incredibly diverse and extremely specific and it would take the entire semester to just uncover thefirst layer of relevant information.Because of this realization, I opted not to even attempt to imply that this term paper is a complete, thorough investigation of the communication factors which influence our personalities, but rather a small search in the understanding of how communication with parents and peers effect how we become who we are.
Communication through parenting as well as parent-child attachment styles lay an important foundation for future behavior and relationships.Children socialize their views of life based on the messages given and given off by parents and later, peers.Communication with these agents influences permanent behavioral patterns, as well as self esteem and children's views of their own self worth.
Parents, usually mothers, are thefirst people to develop a relationship with their baby as they spend the most time with an infant.Thisfirst bond for a baby sets the foundation for relationships throughout their life.Attachment styles are patterns of parenting that teach us about ourselves and others while guiding how to approach future relationships.An emotionally responsive caregiver is necessary to produce a secure attachment, in which a warm, close relationship is created between an infant and an adult where a sense of security allows the development of interpersonal and cognit…

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