Child Abuse1

Child abuse can lead to low self-esteem and reflect a person's image as negative.This relationship has been proven over many years.Child abuse may cause eating disorders, negative behaviors in children, and may result in a loss of personality.Therapists, teachers, and social workers have seen victims of abuse grow into stages of depression, suicide, and most commonly, have a poor self-image and a low self-esteem.
Television exposure has a negative impact on attractiveness.Many young women have developed eating disorders, experience low-esteem, and thousands of people have undergone plastic surgery to have the appearance of a model on the television.The average adult does not have the appearance of Barbie or Ken.The constant media of beautiful people selling products will continue to have negative effects on people, as well as the popular trend of going "under the knife."
The unemployment rate is correlated with the incidence of violent crime.Studies have shown that an unemployed person is more incline to hold up someone for cash.The temptation of money without working is a thrill and a job for many unemployed people.The violence is not unusual for unemployed people, because it may be a survival skill for some.
Surveys, experiments, and observational techniques may be used to study the negative impact television has on attractiveness.A survey could be passed out to students in a junior high school, high school, and in college.This survey would ask the students if they were comfortable with their body and would they change any part of their body, if they could? It would also ask if any of the students have had plastic surgery, besides a birth defect or accident.The survey would reveal the opinions of the students by age, race, and sex.
The experiment given would allow the students the opportunity to enhance their self-image.The control group and the experim

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