child abuse

"The Broad effects which can be obtained by punishment in a man and beast are
the increase of fear, the sharpeningof the sense of cunning, the mastery of the desires: so
it is that punishment tames man, but it does not make him'better'" (Friedrich Wilhelm
Nietzch). Often times the scars thatremain in the souls of an adult who was a battered
child are greater punishment than the incident of infliction of abuse. The physical abuse of
a child leads to the destruction of self esteem, a reduced ability to communicate socially
and interpersonally, and an inability to trust themselves and others.
Beating a child causes many negative life long side effects. The scars are not just
physical, but mental also. These blemish's on their psyche make the abused less of a
person in the community and in his or her family.This is caused by their incredibly low
For one reason or another abused children find the abuse they endured throughout
childhood to be somehow their fault . This is a method of coping with the pain of
disappointment and dissatisfaction that is forced on them by their abuser. This form of
coping is carried with them throughout their entire life. They feel they are responsible for
anything that goes wrong, or is expected to happen that does not happen.
Another thing that abused children experience throughout their time of abuse is
constant negative reinforcement. Any feeling of good that may occur in their young lives is
immediately destroyed by the batterer. This creates a contradiction in their expansion of
self esteem. The negative fortification makes any feeling of self worth they experience
disappear. In turn they have feelings of worthlessness and an unjustified negative feeling
The result of this incredibly low self-esteem makes the abused suffer greatly in
many aspects of their life including their school. Along with a low feeling ofself worth an

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