child abuse

Child abuse comes in all sort of different shapes and each one carries its own degrees of cruelty and consequence.There are numerous ways in which a child can be abused.There is mental abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse and even neglect. When people think of this problem thefirst thing it comes to mind are child molesters. But every now and then there are some cases that are quite as shocking. Such an example is the Michel Powers case. This little two-month-old baby was shaken violently by his father and as a result Michel is known to be blind, quadriplegic and has sever brain damage. The Childs Municipal Court convicted his father, Mr. Powers to seven years in a maximum-security prison.The Powers case is just one of many cases of abuse by parents.As unintentional these cases may seem, ignorance is not an excuse. There are several sources to learn how to treat children and how to raise them.
Another kind of abuse that is very common is sexual abuse.
There are many sex-offending going on in this country. Child sex offenders are typically accused and convicted more often than parental abuse. But in some cases there is parents abusing children, in many of them, they're own children. Statistics indicate that the majority of this cases are never known saying that many children don’t know what there parent or other adults are doing to them or they fear that if they talk to some one about it that they would not believe them.Because of this parents have to be very aware of whom they are going to leave there children when they go to work, such as babysitters, relatives and/or child care center employees.
Child abuse in our society is a growing problem that needs some definite attention. The sooner the better. We need to take action against child abuse. Whether it’s a cruel child sex offender, or a parent who can’t seem to stop mistreating their child when they won’t do what the parent what’s them to.I

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