Child Abuse

Child abuse and neglect reports have more than doubled in the past two decades.Children are abused many different ways every day and many abuse and neglect cases go unreported every year.Some of the many ways children are the most commonly heard of ones: kicking, punching, and hitting. Some children also have to drink cleaning supplies, sleep in cold, dark basements, and go weeks without any food at all.However, all of the above may happen, and outsiders still would not report a suspicion of child abuse or neglect to anyone at all.The government comments,
" The current rates of unfound reports go beyond anything that is reasonably needed.Worse, they endanger children who are really abused."
Abuse cases that go unnoticed and unreported the child who is being abused then most likely dies due to maltreatment.The kinds of abuse endured by many children seem to vary according to statistics, the age and gender of the child, and the way the parents raise and treat their children.
Physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and baby abuse are the main kinds of abuse.Physical abuse, intentionally harming a person's body, is the most heard of kind of abuse but is not most common.Physical abuse can range anywhere from a black eye to broken bones or from burns and scalding to stabbing and cuts.In 1962, Dr. C. Henry Kenpe, named the Battered Child Syndrome after many children went to the emergency room for very preventable injuries resulting from "accidents" involving the parents. Now, any kind of abuse is a crime and a felony in most states including Florida.
" The amount of child abuse and neglect in the United States today is a national emergency,"
Dr. Kenpe commented.Abuse of any kind can occur in any type of environment and any type of family, no matter where they live, race, financial stability, or their culture.One in every three people questioned, say they are or wh…

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