Child Abuse

Once upon a time in a suburban neighborhood there lived a wonderful family named the Jones. Mr. Jones was a very successful lawyer and Ms. Jones was a nurse at a local hospital. The Jones were the proud parents of two beautiful little girls named Kelly and Katie. Kelly was two years old and Kate was five years old and had just entered elementary school. One day Ms. Jones came home after a very stressful day at work and was ready to relax. The girls haven't had time to spend with their mother for quite some time and when they do get to see her they are very excited. That day Katie had a small project for school so she was asking her mom a lot of questions. Ms. Jones was not in the mood for any interruptions so she asked Katie to go play with her dolls. When Katie continued to ask questions Ms. Jones got so frustrated she proceeded to hit the 5 year old.
This situation is not uncommon in today's society. Everyday numerous children are hit, spanked, and struck for reasons beyond their understanding. It isn't fair for Katie to have been hit by her mother that day just for being a curious child. "The moment a parent strikes a child regardless of where on the child's body that strike lands, the force behind the strike, and whether the parent uses a hand or a belt the parent has committed child abuse" (Rosemond 22). Hitting a child in today's society is considered the parents chose, but should it be? How often does that parent think of the consequences behind the choice that they are making? Parents that do choose to hit their children as theirfirst choice of discipline rarely think about how they are teaching their children the wrong lesson, hurting their grandchildren, or how that are hurting them even more
emotionally. There is more to hitting a child than discipline. Therefore, the physical discipline of children should be outlawed because it's psychologically damaging, perpetuates a cycle…

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