Child Abuse

In a society that has become lenient in sexual activity, and offers ample opportunity for gratification, it is unfathomable that sexual abuse of children occurs.Sexual abuse of children has various manifestations including digital manipulation, masturbation, sodomy, and intercourse.Immediate emotional trauma is usually evident in the abused child.Due to this abuse, there are several problems resulting from it.
Sexual abuse has caused a wide variety of problems including prostitution, sexual dysfunction, anorexia nervosa, low self-esteem, depression, sleeping disorders, anxiety, and schizophrenia.Most communities have their eyes shut to the needs of these children.These children are desperately in need of services to protect them against any offenses and to reduce the effects of any trauma.If the effects of sexual abuse are to be controlled on behalf of the child's long-term interests, then the community has to be prepared to have the treatment services available.
With the needs of law enforcement, a major objective, the needs of the abused child become inferior.While there may be the recognition of a child's need for medical treatment, physically, little understanding is shown of the emotional impact the crime has on the child.Most often the children suffer from embarrassment and have a sense of guilt and shame, when they should not be feeling as if the crime was their fault.
Parents who are concerned and responsible are usually able to meet the abused child's needs, either through their own efforts or through use of community resources.However, in too many cases the parents themselves also are the victims of the emotionally damaging experience.They feel threatened by what has happened.They may feel shame or guilt, and their self-esteem is lowered.They are anxious and scared about what friends or neighbors might say.Because they have no experience with this problem, they become frightene…

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