Child Abuse

The recent investigations of child abuse in America have become a recent epidemic that have had surprising discoveries.A survey taken in 1999 regarding child abuse revealed that 22 percent of abused children were done so physically, 8 percent sexually, 54 percent through neglect, and 16 percent by emotional abuse.Psychological abuse can include a number of different factors including neglect and verbal abuse.The majority of abuse that takes place is done so psychologically rather than physically.Many children are simply ignored by their parents and have little or no involvement with them because of this.Children are also verbally abused and therefore get “beaten down” psychologically.Those who are abused psychologically tend to be very dependent and take care of themselves, have poor self-esteem and confidence, and can have a poor relationship with their peers.
On the other end of the spectrum, physical abuse occurs in 30 percent of child abuse cases.A very serious result of physical abuse is known as SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome).This condition is cause by violent shaking of a small child, which in turn causes the brain to bruise and eyes to bleed.Seizures, partial or total blindness, paralysis, mental retardation, and death are all results of this form of abuse.The main reason why this abuse occurs is the parent’s frustration from a crying baby.The parent doesn’t want to hit the child, so they shake the child back and forth to make him or her stop crying.Children show many signs of physical abuse in their day-to-day life.These signs include: shying away from adult contact, lack of trust, aggressive behavior, self-destructive behavior, extended days away from home, and even suicide attempts.On average, fifteen out of every 1,000 children in the United States are abused either psychologically or physically each year.In 1999 1,185 children died from physical abuse.

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