Chief Justice Rehnquist

William Hubbs Renquist was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on October 1, 1924.William Rehnquist went to elementary and high school in Shorewood, Wisconsin.He served in the United States Army Air Corps in this country and overseas from 1943 to 1946.Then was discharged with the rank of sergeant.He was further educated at Stanford and Harvard universities.He attended Stanford University in 1948.At Stanford, he earned both a bachelor and a master of arts degree in political science.Then he continued his education at Harvard University in 1950. It was at Harvard where he received another master of arts degree only this time in government.Then returned back to Stanford University.After receiving his law degree from Stanford University in 1952, he served as law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson for a year.He married Natalie Cornell in 1953, who was from San Diego, California.Rehnquist had three children.James who was born in 1955, Janet who was born in 1957, and Nancy who was born in 1959.The following year he went to Phoenix, where he practiced law and became involved in conservative Republican politics.He was an assistant U.S. attorney general, from (1968–71), heading the office of legal counsel in the Department of Justice before being named an associate justice of the Supreme Court by President Nixon on October 21, 1971.He served for fifteen years as an Associate Justice.Until 1986, when Warren Burger retired as chief justice, President Ronald Reagan nominated Rehnquist as Chief Justice of the United States.Then he was sworn in on September 26, 1986.
Rehnquist has created what maybe the court’s most conservative record of the last 25 years, voting consistently to interpret the court’s jurisdiction narrowly. He is against the expansion of federal powers.In conflicts between federal and state authority, Rehnquist generally favors states.As chief just

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