Chicken Pox

What do you think of when you here the term chicken pox?Probably a very itchy time in
you life or an itchy time waiting ahead for you, unless you are one of the few lucky one's.
I know catching chicken pox probably wasn't the greatest time in your life but almost
everyone has to go though it.It's reminds me of getting your shots before you can begin
school, you hate getting them, but you are told it's a necessity.
Before the sixth century shingles, a secondary infection of chicken pox was
identified.Then after the nineteen century chicken pox was identified as a separate
disease from the smallpox disease.In 1995 the United States Food and Drug
Administration approved thefirst vaccine against chicken pox.This came after extreme
testing in Japan which showedthere was no lingering effects.Even though the vaccine
is in use today and is proven to be safe, it is still under debate if it should be used and if it
Chicken pox is caused by the varicalla-zoster virus (VZV).Chicken pox is very
contagious, approximately four million cases occur each year.Breathing in sneezed air
by someone who is infected with chicken pox is the most common way this disease is
The most obvious symptom is a itchy rash which starts on the body and scalp and
spreads to the face, arms, and legs.This rash forms blisters that dry and become scabs in
four to five days.An infected person may have anywhere from only a few scabs to more
than five hundred scabs on his or her body during and attack.
When you get the rash you should have a doctor examine it.Rashes have many
different causes, this is why it is best to have a doctor diagnose the disease.He or she
might ask about contact with other children who have chicken pox or measles or other
Rashes aren't the only sign of chicken pox, a person migh

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